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The game also carries many things over from The Sims 2 on PC, such as wants, but does not carry over the aging aspect.Several aesthetic improvements were made, such as meal customisation.The Sims 2 is the fourth title in The Sims console series.

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When a Sim dies, they are not lost forever, rather, they remain on the lot as ghosts and can haunt the other residents of the lot, using interactions like "puke" and "possess".

They can be brought back to life at any point by bribing the Grim Reaper or defeating him in a fiddle contest.

When they dance on their grave they will automatically be set on fire and die.

There are 12 different locations that Sims may travel to across Pleasantview, Strangetown, and Melbourne throughout the course of the game.

*While some characters are initially "NPCs", it is actually possible to "unlock" them as playable characters.

This can be done by becoming either a best friend or lover to the "NPC" sim, and then (respectively) choosing either the "Ask to move in" or "propose" social interaction.Upon arrival, an anonymous donor grants the player the deed to a hotel which can be operated and customized at the player's discretion.Your job is to bring life back into Strangetown by encouraging people to come to your hotel.There is a method of death that no other Sims game has.When a Sim is resurrected via the Grim Reaper, they can go to their grave and dance on it.The console versions include a story and gameplay similar to previous versions of the game, while the DS, PSP, and GBA contain their own storylines.


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