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The owner converted the house she was born, into a hotel.

Thus as you enter the hotel, Arena Hotel introduces Turkish ideal of hospitality with its individualistic approach and provides unique value to its customers.

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While only a handful of Columbus restaurants are still going strong after decades in business, many others are housed in buildings with long and storied pasts.

Here are a few stories you may not have heard about some of your favorite restaurants!

The story goes that a lit candle would be placed behind one of those windows to signify whether the Republicans or Democrats were meeting there that evening. Hotel owner Harry Shaw also owned Shaw’s steakhouse two blocks south.

Shaw’s Restaurant Shaw’s is currently undergoing renovations to add a bakery, the latest evolution in the building’s long history. In 1989, the originals Shaw’s location was closed and the restaurant merged with the hotel and was rebranded as Shaw’s Restaurant & Inn. 12, 2016, but Shaw’s Restaurant remains and is set to reopen this summer!

Especially in summer, as you walk into the hotel, they serve a cold cologne to make you fresh.

Instead of creating a check-in rush, they serve you a cup of coffee or tea with homemade cookies like you are a guest to a regular Turkish house.

Lindey’s We’ve known the stately building at 169 E.

Beck as Lindey’s since 1981, but the space went through many incarnations before then.

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