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The exterior of Cormac's Chapel is beautifully decorated with typical Romanesque details such as repeating blind arches and carved corbels.The south portal has two zigzag arches and a tympanum with a relief of an animal.The nave is much shorter than the choir and clearly was never completed.

The tomb was discovered in the north transept of the present cathedral in the 19th century.

The cathedral, built between 12, is an aisleless (and roofless) building of cruciform plan with a central tower.

A decade later, in 1111, Cashel became the seat of an archbishop.

(At the time there was only one other archbishop in Ireland, located in Armagh.) The original cathedral was located where the choir of the present one now stands, but nothing is known of it.

Its decoration is in the Hiberno-Scandinavia Urnes style of the early 12th century, featuring interlaced beasts and serpents.

The sarcophagus probably originally stood in the 12th-century cathedral, which no longer survives.

Only the roof has been rebuilt, in the 19th century.

The Chapel of King Cormac or Cormac's Chapel was consecrated in 1134 and is the most important building, historically and architecturally speaking, at Cashel.

The long choir is elevated at the east end and contains grave slabs dating mostly from the 16th century.

The south wall of the choir contains a piscina, sedilia, and wall tomb of the late 16th-century archbishop Miler Mc Grath.

The present cathedral was erected in the 13th century as well.


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