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keep living ur life soo everyone can make sure the Holocaust will NEVER happen again and to defy prejudice!!!!!!!!!!!!!, cuz those people r just NOT worth it:)love morgan After reading this made me have a whole diffrent effect on holocaust. that makes some time wonder on how would i have survied if i was born to houlcaust. 2 any body who has lost someone during this times!!

Read Daniel Goldenhagen's "Hitler's Willing Executioners," a thoroughly documented history of Germany's rife antisemitism.

And to quote Gabriel Wilensky in his recent Aish article entitled "Hitler's Aides": ..should not be very surprised that when Hitler came to power, he found that the population already deeply hated Jews.

Hitler did not want international criticism to spoil his intent to have the Olympics showcase the "prestigious new Germany." Even the U. Olympic team pulled its two Jewish runners, Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller, from the 4x100-meter relay at the last minute.

Avery Brundage – the American coach who would later became Chairman of the International Olympic Committee and would show insensitivity to the 11 murdered athletes at Munich 1972 – was said to be motivated by anti-Semitism and the desire to spare Hitler the embarrassment of Jews on the winning podium.

the fact that a little girl whatever the age can say that is disgusting and how she canome to establish that as a conclusion on the pathetic reasons why jews should be treated like rubbish is demented she apparently hasa twisted way of thinking if shes bold enough to go out even to the extent of a public paper to say that I don't get why Hitler did what he did to the jews. I can't begin to imagine what they went through and to think that I've experienced bad things. It is so horrifying to think about what all of those people went thru, and cannot believe what kind of a sick person would create such a mass genocide.

to all of the survivors of the Holocaust~ u r all so amazing i m so srry for ur family. i kno thats not anything close to the things u saw and survived, but now i kno how heartbroken u feel when someone is gone so ur all soooooo strong!!!!!

n jus t think that sum1 like hitler had the guts n the hatred t do sumthing like that!!! i felt i could reflect on personal experieces that my family witnessed and i gained a lot from the session thanks love you.

love illyxxxxxx My mom was a Holocaust sutvivor, and she passed away recently, but she is not gone by any means.

The businessman decided to fire this “hated Jew” – but the Jew had a contract and was doing a good job. The result: The court invoked a clause which terminated an employee’s contract should he become incapacitated due to illness.

The court ruled that as a Jew, his racial characteristics were equivalent to illness and thus his contract was void.

children were taught in schools to despise the "juden" and to watch out for their deceit.

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