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These appendices list the number and total wattage of lamps in individual towns.

Likewise, the date each supplier was acquired by ESB is taken as either: the exact month and year indicated in the annual report, i.e. 1929—1930, where the supplier is recorded as being acquired as of 31 March 1930; or the year the supplier last appears in the appendices to the annual reports.

Information relating to the towns with electric public lighting contracts is based on the appendices to ESB’s annual reports for the years 1931—1933.

The Rural Electrification Scheme began in 1946, to bring electricity to Ireland’s rural areas, including smaller villages.

During the roll-out of the scheme, Ireland was divided into 792 rural areas of about 25 square miles in size, the boundaries of which were based on local parishes.

Information relating to the dates of connection of Ireland’s islands to the national grid is based on incidental references in ESB’s internal staff newspaper, the , while population statistics for these areas was taken from census reports available on the Central Statistics Office website.

This project in a work is progress — we can only rely on the sources we have available to us here in ESB Archives.

Similarly, these appendices do not record local suppliers who: supplied less than 3 homes or businesses; operated ‘unofficially’, i.e.

without a permit; provided electricity purely for their own consumption, i.e.

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The Shannon Scheme first began to generate electricity for the national grid in October 1929, and began to supply the larger cities, towns and villages of Ireland.


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