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The markers represented progress milestones in Iran's uranium enrichment work.He argued that medium-enriched uranium (which Iran had begun producing, saying it was needed to fuel a research reactor producing isotopes to fight cancer) took Iran 70 percent of the distance to enriching weapons-grade material.However, the document leaked to Al Jazeera makes clear that the Mossad's formal assessment of Iran's nuclear capacity and intentions differs from the scenario outlined by the prime minister at the UN.

Dating fra iran

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Haugstøyl mener at norske myndigheter ikke er strengere enn andre land når det kommer til vurdering av disse søknadene fra Iran.— Forskjellen i Norge er at vi har valgt å være mer åpne i denne prosessen.

I andre land kan organiseringen og forebyggingen være annerledes, for eksempel når det gjelder undervisningsinstitusjonenes ansvar.

Netanyahu plans to address the US Congress on March 3 and warn against the nuclear compromise currently being negotiated between Tehran and world powers.

Media reports and public comments by senior current and former officials have frequently indicated dissent from within Israel's security services over Netanyahu's alarmist messaging on Iran.

Det har også bedret situasjonen for NTNU, ifølge personaldirektøren.— Iran er representert med flere Ph D-kandidater og studenter ved NTNU, og vi har generelt gode erfaringer med disse kandidatene.

Utfordringen er at det kan komme søknader fra personer som faller inn under regelverket for eksportkontroll.

Such activities, however, "will reduce the time required to produce weapons from the time the instruction is actually given".


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  4. As well as being dependant upon agriculture, Armenia produces copper, zinc, gold and lead.

  5. Deadlines For applications and two letters of support: October 2, 2017 for a January 2018 decision for work in February 2018 through January 2019 December 1, 2017 for a March 2018 decision for work in April 2018 through January 2019 APS/British Academy Fellowship for Research in London In collaboration with the British Academy, the APS offers an exchange postdoctoral fellowship for a minimum of one and a maximum of two months’ research in the archives and libraries of London during 2018.

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