Dating bogota

Carreras and calles generally have no name, but a number. A home address as Calle 42 # 15-34 means that the house is located in Calle 42, 34 meters from the corner of Carrera 15 (towards carrera 16).

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Overview of Bogota The city lies at 2600 meters altitude on a mountain plateau in the eastern mountains of the Andes.

The city is the Capital District and therefore falls outside the departments of Colombia.

You could meet a rola one day, a calena the next day, and a costena a few days later. Bogota (Spanish: Bogotá) is the capital of Colombia.

The population lies between 6.2 and 7.5 million men, according to a 2005 count there were 7,321,831 that year.

The plateau was home to the indigenous Indians Muisca, a farming community, and they turned to an abundant source of colonial labor.

This economic advantage was the capital city of the country.Santa Fe de Bogota was founded in 1538 by Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada.The name of the city comes from Bacata, a resident of the Muisca Indians. The first time was when Quesada on August 6, 1538 with a Holy Mass was baptized twelve farms Santafé.Bogota’s is connected through the Eldorado airport and the Pan-American Highway to other major centers.Although the city has a vast network of roads one of the major problems is traffic congestion.Cundinamarca is the only department whose capital is defined by the national constitution.

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