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I think it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out here as well as taolk about your feelings and difficulties in finding someone suitably accepting of your handicap.You are totally right, you are the same beautiful person you were before your tragic accident.

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The one who will love you will only see the beauty within you.

My brother is in a wheelchair after a motorcycle accident, and people treat him differently then before.

Honestly, I think you would do better in a activity based group of mixed singles.

There are such groups around for people that enjoy the sports and activities that you do.

But, it is because they are only looking with their eyes.

An enlightened soul looks at people with their heart, their soul, and their eyes.I could send him a link to this thread and see what happens..Friends are always nice, even more if they understand what your going threw... Just let me know if you would like me to send him a link..I dont know if he will pop up in here, but it couldnt hurt?I understand the lack of response but come on, this is a dating site.Many people are looking for someone in your situation.

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