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When taxes were raised in mid year, new denominations were stenciled, stamped or hand written and signed by the inspector making the changes.This set is widely available to collectors today because excess copies were sold decades ago to the collecting market. Though mostly plain, a very short lived version honored the recently assassinated President Lincoln with two portraits on a mourning black stamp.Unlike manufacturers of most products, the nation’s 1,000 cigar factories were more often than not very small, no more than three workers, with a relatively small output, located in small towns and rural areas hard to find or reach by tax officials.

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As a result, in 1863, cigars became one of the first products for which paper revenue stamps were issued to indicate goods upon which taxes had been paid.

The first cigar revenue issued in 1863 was 14" long and came in five different colors, green, rose, black, yellow and blue corresponding with the tax per 1000 cigars.

Most important, , the standard sizes in international commerce.

Inspectors were no longer required to hand sign the stamps.

Wars require money and willing young men, and the US Civil War was no exception.

To raise money, Lincoln’s war time congress taxed a range of items including newspapers, matches, perfume, photographs, medicine, narcotics, canned food, beer, wine, liquor, tobacco and cigars.

And when he moved out to California, he was roommates with my sister Karen for years. He and I were the first to arrive at the mansion, hitting a fat-flaked snowstorm as we drove over the pass and down into the city.

The aspens were at peak-autumn, entire hillsides aflame with deep gold and brassy vermillion.

As with all previous issues, stamps for boxes of 250 and 500 are almost never seen loose or on boxes.


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