Dating a guy in the coast guard

“I know how they move, how they look at me, how they are expression in the face,” he says. “People can’t lie to me much.” But they can make a scene. To be an officer of the library is to be a steward of it.They must be civilized and caring toward the space, its resources, and, most importantly, its patrons.

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Two years of service was mandatory in Yugoslavia, but Petrovich came from a string of military men — a grandfather, his father and uncles on both sides.

So at age fourteen, Petrovich enrolled in a four-year military academy.

There’s also an array of security accouterments holstered to Petrovich’s belt: flashlight, baton, handcuffs and pepper spray. Petrovich moves through the library with an assertive military posture.

Petrovich, thirty-six, is one of a handful of full-time security guards at the library, but he’s the only one adorned like this. It’s easy to imagine him as a young sergeant in the military out on patrol, in charge of others.

Indoor spaces that are actually open to the public are a rare find, and in a city like Portland, Maine — with months upon months of winter and an immense homeless population — the library becomes a living room of sorts.

Keeping good guard of the library is delicate work. Keeping the building safe and comfortable while at the same time truly public can be a precarious balance.He grew up in what was then the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a conglomerate of six republics on the Balkan Peninsula including Serbia, his motherland.It was his dream to become a police officer, but his family preferred the prestige of the military.Enforcement is a defensive act, not an aggressive one, and Petrovich learned the distinction between the two at a young age.“My grandfather telling me one day, ‘You are soldier but you no murderer,’” he recalls.Petrovich will say to them: “You know, man, how many times I talk to you? You out.” While there are plenty of people on permanent suspension, shorter time-outs are more common.


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