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The main flaw in their strategy is that they don’t do the research beforehand: most girls who enter porn wash out within a year after spending all their earnings, thanks in part to unexpected expenses like medical care where infected cysts and boils grow on their labia.Let’s just say that they don’t go into the endeavor with a business plan, and the documentary shows how idealistic they are with yells of “Whooo…

We don’t know the guy who hurt her, but Taylor Swift can answer that in her mega-popular song Trouble, where she falls for a bad boy who gets into bar fights, is wanted by the police, and cheats on her in public view.

A generation ago, the behavior of Tove Lo would be seen as alternative, to say the least.

To get over a man, a girl would typically cry alone in bed, write in her diary, listen to sad love songs, bake with her mother, and pray to God that the pain would ease.

Now, we have the normalization of screwing bad boys to get over bad boys.

Unless you are the bad boy who gets to drill her quickly, I imagine your reaction would be the same as a girl’s if you told her the following: “When I was younger, I always took girls to the most expensive restaurants in town, and occasionally I’d surprise them with a romantic weekend getaway to Paris in a private jet, but since then I’ve realized what is important in life and now practice minimalism.

Snuggling up on the couch while watching romantic comedies on Netflix is far more meaningful to me today.” She would undoubtedly feel robbed at being treated worse than girls of your past, as should you if discovering that you have to work harder for her body than men of her past.

The fact that there is now so little stigma for girls to get banged on camera for money shows how broken American culture has become.

The documentary focuses on a male recruiter based in Miami who puts up ads for “erotic models” on Craigslist.

The song has a simple message: a young woman gets hurt by a guy and decides to ease the pain by going to the club, getting drunk, smoking reefer, and fucking random guys.


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