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Jon Bernthal's comments come after Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen men, including Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp and Richard Dreyfuss's son Harry.The actor, 41, said he was looking forward to working with Spacey, as he was a big fan at the time.'Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for,' Trump wrote in a scathing tweet from South Korea, where he is in the midst of a tour through Asia.

During a sit-down interview on Today, keen 'boater' Matt Lauer probed Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba as they described in yet more eyebrow-raising detail how they were stuck on their 50ft sailboat in the Pacific Ocean for five months between May and October.

Sticking to the story that their path was thwarted by a 'storm' which meteorologists say never happened, the pair conceded that their tale was somewhat unbelievable but said they never asked for any of the attention they have received. The Navy did,' Appel, who did most of the talking, said.

The results from Tuesday night elections amount to a sweeping repudiation of what critics have called Trump's politics of division, and a test of his influence ahead of electoral battles looming on the state and national level.

The most damaging defeat was in Virginia, a state bordering Washington seen as a bellwether for national politics with the country gearing up for the 2018 congressional elections and the next presidential contest in 2020.

Philip Condit, the former CEO of Boeing, bought this five-bed mansion in California's Coachella Valley for $1.4million in 2002 and is now hoping to sell it for $9.75million.

The home features a large outdoor swimming pool (center), hot tub, 1,500-bottle wine cellar (bottom right) and an acre of grounds.Roem, 33, openly discussed her gender identity during her campaign, but it was far from her focus.Instead, she focused on jobs, schools and, with particular fervor, northern Virginia's traffic congestion.It's most bizarre feature is an area known as 'market square' - and indoor space decorated to appear outdoors (bottom left and top right) - which contains several old fashioned shops, a 26-seat cinema and its own bar, named the Desert Rose.The Harvey Weinstein scandal took yet another astonishing turn on Wednesday, with the attorney for Paz de la Huerta claiming that a man was attempting to obtain his client's therapy records.The founder and Anello Security & Consulting - who has been an 'Executive Protection Agent' since 2006 - has made allegations that the Hero singer, 47, told him he was a 'Nazi skinhead' and and that she has an outstanding bill owed to his firm for 1,329.51.

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