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Often Christian girls are told that their role in dating is simply to wait to be pursued. ” Recently I read a church singles blog that went so far as to shame a girl for “taking matters into her own hands” simply because she wanted to tell a guy that she liked him.

They are led to believe that there is nothing women can or should do to improve their dating life. In many ways there was a lot I and other single girls like about this myth: I have no responsibilities. I just need to be myself and God will ensure someone will notice me.

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Along the way, God graciously reminded me that my hope for a great marriage was not in finding the perfect guy to counter-balance my sinful tendency.

My hope is in Christ who loves me despite my sin, and who promises to day-by-day make me more like himself as I walk with him daily. What would it mean for you to become more active in your dating life?

Secondly, I was fearful of becoming a woman who controlled her spouse.

I thought by waiting for this courageous pursuer the church kept talking about, I would get a guy strong enough to fix my tendency to control.

It is through him that I find the greatest hope for a happy and blessed marriage, not by following a man-made dating prescription.

We provide a clean and safe environment to meet other Adventist and other Christian singles online as all members have to agree to our Statement of Faith.For myself, I fell for this myth hook, line, and sinker, for two reasons.One, I was shy with guys and stepping out was uncomfortable and scary.So I loved the idea that I would just have to be myself and someone would notice me.I believed God loved me and would simply give me the desires of my heart.Take this opportunity to replace a bad habit with an investment in your future happiness.


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