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In addition to their star-studded wedding party, Christian and Brad celebrated their day with A-listers like Alicia Silverstone, Kelly Osbourne, Christina Hendricks, and "Our biggest unexpected challenge was planning for rain," the couple says.

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"David does menswear so well and he is a friend, so we set up an appointment for custom suits! Their all-black ceremony attire was a purposeful decision, as they asked their wedding party and entire guest list to come dressed in white.

As for their wedding party, Christian designed each of the couple's 12 attendant's custom white gowns.

"Then it became a fun idea for the whole event to be a white wedding."White flowers were everywhere at the couple's ceremony, which was officiated by actress Kristen Johnston.

"She's a close friend and a beautiful writer, and she knows us both so well, so it made sense for her to officiate," the couple shares. " The ceremony was capped off by a awe-inspiring performance by Danielle Brooks.

We’ve shipped stuff from Los Angeles, Texas, Paris and we had a period where we did a lot of upstate and Connecticut antique shopping (I know, typical).

The grooms wore David Hart black suits, as seen in pics posted by and by wedding guests."Well we did it @bradwalsh! " Siriano wrote on Instagram Sunday, alongside a photo of him, Walsh and their groomswomen, featured on

Was this the vision for the place when you started? More of a getaway than a move, though, because we could never leave. Christian comes from Annapolis and has a very big soft spot inside for a beach home, so I think regardless of where any new space for us is located, he will treat it as a beach house and want to decorate accordingly.

Our last apartment in Williamsburg was very modern and kind of minimal, and right at the end of our time there Christian started getting much more into antique and vintage finds. I get sick in cars and love to walk everywhere, and you can get to almost anything on foot living where we do. I’d love a house a little bit upstate for the weekends.

Most people move to Brooklyn for more space, but in the case of designer Christian Siriano and his musician boyfriend Brad Walsh, it is quite the opposite.


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