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"All they wanted to do was cuddle and walk on the beach," Berry said."If that's all I wanted to do, I'd get a dog and a metal detector." The line killed.

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Both the single "This Time" and the album Messin' with the Boys made the top 200 on U. Along with the album recordings with Marie, Cherie and Marie sang, wrote, and produced songs for The Rosebud Beach Hotel and its soundtrack called, The Rosebud Beach Hotel Soundtrack. In 1991, Cherie and Marie Currie performed at the Coconut Teaser which was a tribute concert to Paula Pierce, she was a member of The Pandoras.

For the final performance The remaining Pandoras backed the Currie sisters.

Assessments of her impact at that time differ; one reviewer has written that "the received wisdom that [the Runaways] carved out new territory for female musicians is hard to justify – it's doubtful that the predominantly male audience who flocked to see the 16-year-old [Currie] in her undies picked up any feminist subtext." After three albums with the Runaways (The Runaways, Queens of Noise and Live in Japan), Currie went on to be a solo artist.

She signed a contract with Mercury saying she would record four records, but she left the Runaways after the third album, thus she was obligated to record another album. While in Japan, the twins performed on many TV shows.

But I do enjoy right now painting furniture like i said i really love the ocean, its my most favoritest place to be.

but when i cant make it i enjoy pretty much being outdoors.

The album features guest work from ex-bandmate, Lita Ford, Currie's son, Jake Hays, and Currie's ex-manager, Kim Fowley.

Cherie toured the UK in November 2015, to support her new album.

They released a duet "Since You Been Gone" which charted number 95 on US charts. She is also well known for her role in the movie Foxes.

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