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As the Asian art market slows, Africa has filled the gap left behind.Last year alone there were two dedicated contemporary African art fairs in New York – Armory Focus and – and more in London and Paris. From the winding streets of Maputo and Addis Ababa to the high-rises of Lagos and Johannesburg, local galleries and art fairs are finally becoming profitable and are now proliferating at an impressive rate.

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They were offloaded by a derrick attached to the pier jutting out from the lighthouse, and pulled to the tower by an aerial railway, and from there carefully assembled around the base in waist high water.

In those days the lighthouse was manned by two keepers, who stocked their tower with ample quantities of food, lamp oil, water, and other necessities.

Nowhere is this newfound celebration of African art quite so intoxicating as in Cape Town.

With jagged mountains, white-sand beaches and rolling vineyards, Cape Town has always suffered from the age-old curse of being too pretty to be taken seriously.

Today, it's experiencing rapid gentrification with new shops, restaurants and entire streets dedicated to galleries and artist studios.

And although gentrification isn't without an impact on the local community, of course, Woodstock's regeneration has made it the hub of Cape Town's – and Africa's – modern art scene.But as the international art community finally turns its long overdue attention to the continent, this beautiful beach city has become something of a cultural hub thanks to its thriving gallery district, annual art fair and, from September, world-class museum.Already a hub for artists, the upcoming opening of the 100,000-square-foot Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art at the Waterfront is set to turn the Mother City into the Miami of the southern hemisphere.The new Zeitz Museum will doubtless add clout to that voice.The brainchild of the German-born ex-Puma director Jochem Zeitz, the museum’s permanent exhibition will be taken from his personal collection and made up of artwork from Africa and the diaspora since the year 2000.“Artists thrive on political turmoil,” says Trevyn Mc Gowen, the owner of Southern Guild.


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