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That said, those racially-tinged experiences have stayed with me. He repeatedly mentioned my race and used it as the denominator for almost all sexy talk.

I was horrified to later find out that he was an Africana Studies major.

You should feel flattered.” I frequently receive similar messages on Grindr, where men express their interest in my “big, Black dick” despite not knowing the size of my aforementioned appendage.

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The sharp words had a deeper meaning that had escaped me until then: “You are a trophy to me.

I have never had sex with a Black person and I want to change that with you.

He had sat across from me after ordering a soy milk vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso. Peter looked longingly at his vanilla latte, suddenly making me wish I was the warm paper cup that sat in front of him.

As he pulled off his gloves he said, “Your hair is very cool.” At the time, I was rocking a high-top fade. I hesitated, not because I had thought the question was offensive or inappropriate but because I had painstakingly molded it with my hands only ten minutes before to make sure it was symmetrical. I had wanted to please him; my reservations melted away instantly.

"I guess the biggest stereotype is that black men are just penises with Timberlands attached, and that whatever we have to offer sexually is our only value," Johnson told ."For the black gay community, the self-imposed stereotype is that there's only one way to be a gay black man.

Online, I see so many demanding that their partners not have any trace of femininity ...

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Johnson asked a group of black gay men to sit down and reveal what really happens when they start dating interracially.

The amount of times that someone has told me that they’ve never hooked up with or dated a Black man is unbelievable.

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