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Now Sierra can automatically move infrequently-used files to i Cloud instead, freeing up space on your Mac’s drive.

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Now you can use Siri on the Mac to schedule appointments, play music, set up reminders, find files and do lots more.

Universal Clipboard This new feature lets you copy on one device and paste on another.

Apple Watch Unlock If you’re wearing an Apple Watch running watch OS 3, you can now unlock your Mac automatically once you start using it.

No more typing in passwords when you wake your Mac from sleep or turn it on. i Cloud Drive i Cloud Drive helps you share files between multiple Macs or i OS devices signed into the same i Cloud account.

When you open it, Sierra downloads the original from i Cloud so you can keep working.

Sierra can also prompt you to remove duplicate files and remove clutter – app installers you don’t need, for example, or installer cache files.

If your system is running on “Lion” (last year’s big Mac update), just open the Mac menu in the top-left corner of the screen, select About This Mac, and click the More Info button.

When you do, the next window will tell you the model and date for your particular Mac.

The latest version of the Mac operating system has arrived with a grab bag of enticing new features, including a “Notification Center” with alerts for incoming e-mail and calendar alerts, voice dictation, text messaging with i Phone, i Pad, and other Mac users, and the ability to “mirror” a newer Mac’s display to an Apple TV-connected HDTV. Once you’re done, by all means, go buy the update and start downloading.


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