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Watch out - there are several versions of this backstamp from different dates!

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Starting in the mid-1970s, equivalent metric capacities were also embossed on pieces, therefore any seen so-marked can be dated positively later than that.

The older mixing bowls also have a thicker, more pronounced rim, but with no appreciable difference in capacity from later examples. Variations in the red 2-1/2 quart mixing bowls encountered are owed to their differing heritages.

The design of #500 series refrigerator storage dishes' lids can help determine their age.

From 1947 until approximately 1959, the lids' tops had longitudinal ridges flanking a smooth middle, and had smooth undersides.

This style of backstamp was used from about 1920 to about 1957.

It will appear on other patterns too but only on Spode's earthenware.It's that time of year again Christmas Tree to swot up on this famously popular 20th century pattern from Spode.And for more links you can visit also my Spode & Christmas page.This backstamp can be used in conjunction with any impressed datemarks to find an even more accurate date.A similar backstamp with a date letter in the top left hand corner was used until 1963 - these are often hard to decipher.The Spode company name changed from W T Copeland & Sons Ltd in 1970 when it became Spode.


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