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State pension Credit Age Link Each case will be considered individually and the claimant notified in writing of the decision.Some examples of when claimants may have "good cause" are; For Example You were ill from February to March and only claimed benefit in March when you recovered but you did not claim before because you had no-one to help you.

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Backdating council tax

If you qualify for Housing Benefit, we usually pay it from the Monday after we get your claim or the Monday after your application form was issued, if received within one month.

If you are of pensionable age, we are able to consider ‘backdating’ your Housing Benefit claim for up to three months automatically.

We can only do this if you have to pay rent and Council Tax for this period and are entitled to claim.

If this is the case, we may write to you to ask for further details.

A claim can only be backdated if you can demonstrate a good reason for failing to claim earlier.

You also need to show that this reason affected the entire period you are asking for your claim to be backdated.

Please contact us if you think your claim should start from an earlier date. If you think you have good cause for making a late claim, you should tell us in writing straight away.

You can contact the Benefit Section for a form by phone, e-mail (see below) or the application form below or just write to us.

If you are making a new claim, you do not need to make a separate claim for backdated payments.

If you no longer qualify for this benefit, but have done in the past, please contact us.

We can pay Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support from an earlier date if you have good cause for not claiming sooner.

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