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Bright and bubbly: Hollyoaks actresses Zoe Lister (L) and Ashley Slanina-Davies, Hollyoaks actresses Zoe Lister, 27, sparkled in a yellow asymmetrical dress while Ashley Slanina-Davies,19, chose a bright blue prom dress, with black heels and clutch.

Amy feels humiliated after being rejected by Ste (Kieron Richardson), especially when he confronts her over her behaviour the next morning.

In the end, Amy decides that she needs a change in her life and announces that she is leaving Hollyoaks.

This was in stark contrast to their best behaviour as they posed for photographers on the red carpet.

It was like an explosion of Quality Street as dresses in shades of pink, orange, yellow, green and blue all fought for attention against the backdrop of the red carpet.

Windsor was presented with the lifetime achievement award by her onscreen son, East Enders' Steve Mc Fadden.'This is extra special, the Soap Awards, because its our show,' Windsor said, before picking up her award.

'We all know what we go through, we're doing about eight episodes at the same time, all across each other, and they are long hours.' But she added: 'I love it, I love the whole process of this.' Speaking on the red carpet outside BBC Television Centre, Mc Fadden said: 'It's the best soap: it's well written, well acted, the camera team are fantastic.

Meanwhile, her fellow soap star Nathalie Emmanuel was pictured looking bleary-eyed and far from graceful in the back of her taxi as she left the club with a friend.

The stars had truly let their hair down and lost their inhibitions - swigging on copious amounts of champagne cocktails throughout the night and even becoming rowdy on the dancefloor.

Initially struggling with the break-up, Amy heads off for a boozy night out with best friend Michaela Mc Queen to take her mind off things.

However, when she returns home, events take an unexpected turn as Amy drunkenly tries to make a move on a horrified Ste!

Hollyoaks airs a big week for Ste Hay next month as he bids an emotional farewell to Amy Barnes - and meets his boyfriend Doug Carter's parents in unexpected circumstances.


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