Are ryan gosling and michelle williams dating

"What NC-17 really means is that it can't play in regular theaters and you can't even show an ad for it on television.

I don't think it deserves that." Despite the film's harsh rating, Williams (who denied dating her costar earlier this year) has only fond memories of her time on set — as does Gosling, who remembers their sex scenes as "all a blur." PHOTOS: Costars who fell in love "The thought that this thing that I had spent seven years of my life on was down in its final stages was too much for me to bear," Williams, 30, told Us.

Looking stylish in a cream coat, and with her brown hair up in two pigtails, the tot clung to her father as he carefully seated her for the open-top railway ride, where they were joined by other families.'I think women are better than men.

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And, they aren't the only ones, Perezcious readers!

CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities Who Were Roommates!

First Ryan whistled and looked around, pretending as if he hadn’t heard the question.

People can see you through the television screen, Gosling! We swear, if this is just a ruse to get us to see Blue Valentine, then it is working perfectly!

It's time we talk about the most important part of the Occupy Wall Street protests: just what celebrities are wearing when they visit!

But who wants to see one depressing movie after the next? The Betty Ford Clinic staffer who said Lindsay attacked her sells her story and gets fired.

• Kara Dio Guardi • Lea Michele • For Reals Estate • Jason Segel • Chord Overstreet • Melissa Mc Carthy • Dianna Agron • Brian Atwood • Ali Larter • Connie Britton • Nostalgia • Judd Apatow • James Corden Celebs are known to have lavish mansions and fancy homes all to themselves.

But most A-listers weren't always living the lifestyle of the rich and famous!

While stars usually have these posh pads all to themselves, plenty of celebrities used to have to share their space with a friend… For example, did you know that Lindsay Lohan and Raven Symoné used to be roommates?!

Not to mention, Ryan Gosling has lived with both Justin Timberlake AND Michelle Williams at points in his life!

Check out these nine celebrities who can’t seem to get enough of their cast mates.


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