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MALACCA: All we had to do was search the “people nearby” function in the We Chat mobile phone application.Surprisingly, profile names sprang up, without pictures but all offering sexual services.Abby also revealed that the price per session depended on the individuals and not on the age.

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There were also those offering aphrodisiacs and one even claimed to be a managed to connect to a 20-year-old student who wanted to be known only as Abby.

Abby said locals and even foreign students offered such services, either freelance or through pimps.“Going through pimps is safer as those offering sex on their own could be frauds,” she said.

Differentiating content access based on user registration seemingly creates a “one app, two systems” model of censorship. When you send a message it passes through a remote server that contains rules for implementing censorship.

If the message includes a keyword that has been targeted for blocking, the message will not be sent.

One We Chat group believed to be managed by pimps offered pictures of new arrivals claiming to be local and foreign college students.

Anyone interested would have to send a personal message and a list of girls would be sent to his mobile phone.

We found that keyword filtering is enabled on We Chat for users with accounts registered to mainland China phone numbers.

Filtering remains enabled even if users later link their account with a non-mainland China number, which means that users with accounts registered to mainland China will remain under censorship regardless if they travel or unlink their Chinese phone number from the account.

Another check on the same We Chat application yesterday showed that many profiles had been deleted after the police crackdown.


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