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It was while working with Mace in this tomb that Winlock developed the careful archaeological methods that made him one of the greatest excavators in the field of Egyptology.

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At the time, the Egyptian government (through the Egyptian Antiquities Service) was granting foreign institutions the right to excavate with the understanding that the resulting finds would be divided evenly between the excavators and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The Met was granted concessions for the Middle Kingdom royal cemeteries of Lisht; the Late Dynastic Period temple of Hibis at Kharga Oasis in the western desert; the New Kingdom royal palace at Malqata; and the Middle and New Kingdom cemeteries and temples of Deir el-Bahri in the Theban necropolis opposite modern Luxor.

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It is illegal to photograph police stations, military barracks, and certain other sensitive public buildings. Gay men and lesbians faced significant social stigma and discrimination in society.

See our LGBTI Travel Information page and section 6 of the Department of State's Human Rights report for further details.

There, in 1920, he discovered a small, untouched chamber in the tomb of the early Middle Kingdom chancellor Meketre (ca. These models are among the most prized possessions of the collections at the Met and at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Painstakingly reassembled, these statues are some of the great masterpieces now to be found in New York and Cairo. Pierpont Morgan (1917), the Earl of Carnarvon (1926), and Albert Gallatin (1966).

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