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That is quite true but he seemed to forget another military maxim which is as important and as firmly established.That is to attack the rear communications and supply lines of the enemy.By strategy, I mean simply the operations of war, by grand strategy our policy in international affairs, both as regards the war and as regards the settlement we have in view after the war. That really seemed to me an impossible demand to make to any Prime Minister or Minister of Defence in war-time.

A brilliant speech was made, among others on that subject, by my hon.

Friend the senior Burgess for Cambridge University (Mr. I think everybody will agree that his speech was an argument for university representation, which I hope 858 will not be thrown away upon those who are now considering that question.

That is precisely what we are doing in this attack on Germany, her centres of production and centres of communication.

But I find myself very much in disagreement with him on the question of moral principle.

It is the legend on which the whole of this ghastly war-machine has been reconstructed.

To prove that it is not true, no more true than most of the other legends on which Hitler bases his astonishing view of history, I would quote what the leaders of fie German Army said at that time. Friend that we have to prove ourselves, man for man, the equals of the Germans in fighting, and I do not believe any race in the world will ever prove better.

The Debate to-day and yesterday has a double-barrelled character.

It is dealing both with what is called strategy and with what is called grand strategy. He complained that the Prime Minister had not given us any idea of the plans by which he proposed to win the war.

That is the most humane course, the only right course, and I would say to my hon.


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