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He was in a relationship with the actress Emma Roberts.He has been a straight and simple guy in his professional life and he has never been linked with any controversy till now.He completed his school education in 2006, at the age of 17. He was interested in acting since his early age and he loved performing in his school plays.

His father is an actor and his mother is an interior designer.

His parents divorced when he was a child and his mother re-married to Michael Ireland, a property developer.

Pettyfer holds an English ethnicity and his nationality is British.

He is the only son of English parents, Richard Pettyfer and Lee Robinson.

He is one of the best young and emerging actors of England.

Alex Pettyfer was born as Alexander Richard Pettyfer on 10 April 1990, in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England.I've learned by watching films that inspired me and people who inspired me like Robert Redford and Paul Newman. I love subtlety, and I also love being spontaneous, and that's really what works for me. I admire people who don't necessarily want to change the world, but try to make it a better environment. I know a lot of people say that, but I love that he's a great role model and a humanitarian.But in Hollywood, all of the dating rules are different.Because Hollywood is so small and everyone is connected, tons of celebs ends up dating the same people, and cutie Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez met when they were both filming movies in Vancouver in 2009 and were feeling a little homesick.On-screen, they played a high school couple who were totally obsessed with each other, and irl, things were basically the same.


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