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If she was alive we would be making love probably about the same number of time that I now masturbate and would NOT be masturbating at all.

Will someone of my age group advise if i am doing an excess? Eager Horse, I don't see any reason to refrain from masturbating at any age.

I'm 65 and masturbate at least 3-4 times per week, largely because our marriage has been totally celibate for nearly 25 years (not of my choosing, of course).

So glad I googled "How often does a 75 YO man masturbate" Wow just like when we were 13 or so thinking we were the only kid in the world that pulled on his firehose.....

We NEED to keep those fires burning, have fun while we are still alive I don't think we will be doing in on the other side of the surface.... We are all masturbating far more than we did in years past now, since we have learned of the health benefits and now understand and accept it as normal and healthy.

I don't really watch porn videos, its just still photos of naked women, fully natural, none of your hairless ladies for me, a full bush turns me on the most.

I have just turned 70 and already have had 2 sessions with my penis, just hope I also can keep it up and going throughout my 70's as I did during my 60's which I roughly worked out was over 1400 times during those 10 years.

the one thing that helped me was a Doctors excam that said that I was low on Testrome and with monthly shots, it change my life. Yes, its nice to see that you still have a good relationship with your wife and its the best its been over the last 6 years.

I see that despite that you still have to masturbate almost every day, wow, that's wonderful for a "young" 69 year old.

I am have had the best sex with my wife in the last 6 years that I have ever had 1 to 2 times a week and she likes oral and masturbation with toys.

Even with this I still have to masterbate almost every day. Hi Ojsam, not looked at this site for a little while,or since you posted a reply to my post of 11 April, thank you about your thoughts of my late wife.

My main medication for erectile potency is Cialis or - to a lesser extent - the daily 5mg Cialis.


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  4. In my experience though this is few and far between.

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