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I said that unfortunately he would need to book a ticket for this event as he took part in the Speed Dating event and wasn't owed anything.Damon then said that his friend had also complained about the event (to which I refereed to the fact he stayed and took part & actually ended up with matches!Some great venues and a nice atmosphere after each event. From Jayne - Date in a dash review Was at Speed date at Richmond with Date in a dash, this week in July, was well organised, friendly host, good mix of ages, have been to 3 of these events, would love to see one held in Chiswick or Ealing area, or Uxbridge.

He has basically just made an entire story up to make me look bad and him look good.

What a horrendous host and business model, which is basically lying to people and taking their cash.

I didn't stay that long after as I live in East London and didn't want to miss the last train.

I didn't get any matches but I had a fun evening.

At the end of the session you hand this in and then the next day you matches are published on the website.

After the speed dating you can stay and have a drink and chat to the others.

The event was really well organised and the organiser really helpful and entertaining. You go and sit at a table and chat with the girl for 4 minutes then the host says move along.

You move around the room until you have talked to every one.

There is a 10 minute break in the middle so you can go to the toilet and get another drink.

Every one gets a sheet where you write down the other persons name and then tick yes, no or friend.

I have never in my entire life said 'they're all dogs', I have 3 sisters and that is a ludicrous statement* ***PLEASE READ*** This customer purchased a ticket to a Speed Dating event at One Kew Road in Richmond on 13/06/17.


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