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The other significant grouping is men from Canada seeking to retire to Thailand.These Canadians often use Thai internet dating sites after they have relocated to Thailand.Research conducted by the Thai dating site, showed Canada was the second choice below Switzerland.

Indeed Canadian advocates are at the forefront of efforts to highlight the plight of poorer Thai women.

One Canadian film maker produced a movie in 2005 highlighting Thailand's notorious nightlife in 2005 called 'Bangkok Girl'.

There is now a trend among eligible Thai singles towards using Thai internet dating sites to seek local Thai partners as more educated and younger Thai singles embrace internet dating as a spin off from social networking.

However, the same research indicated that Thai women seeking international relationships were more likely to be successful over a fixed period.

That’s why we match you based on these criteria (among many others), going much deeper than other Asian dating sites.

We don’t simply look at what your interests are, such as what you like to eat or your favourite books or films.

In Canada, the Thai Buddhist identity has brought such communities together as Canada is a particularly favorable environment for diverse religious and ethnic cultures.

The Canadian government has a very strict immigration code which is designed to protect Thai women from exploitation : The picture that is emerging is that the relationships between Thais and Canadians are becoming more and more one of equals with many Canadians opting to live in Thailand.

As in the United States, Thai women have been particularly recognized for their hardworking ethic and competence.

Indeed many of the associations active in Canada today fostering Thai Canadian ties have been founded by such Thai women.

It’s a much more thorough process and places your background and core beliefs of high importance during the matching process.


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  6. Acting as surrogate parents, aunts, uncles and traditional matchmakers, these sites appeal to the belief that the right match is one where the religious profiles of the couple are as similar as possible.

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  8. The other is to find someone whose profile more or less matches your interests, and simply offering to serve him in all the ways listed on his profile.

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